Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So, after a couple of arduous weeks consisting of staying at Robarts for more than 9 hours straight, an inadequate amount of sleep, endless cups of coffee, drowning myself in a sea of books and overloading my brain with information that might not possibly help me later on with my life...I'm surprised I'm still alive. Throughout these past few weeks, I've been pulling at my hair asking myself if it's all worth it, asking myself what I'm doing with my life and concluding with absolutely nothing.

I've decided that I will find the answer when I'm done with UofT.

Anyway, every winter in Toronto theres an event called "Winterlicious" and it allows you to sample 3-course prix fixe menus at Toronto's top 150 restaurants, so it allows you to discover new places without having to tear your wallet up. 

This time I went with Joyce to 'Kultura,' a restaurant/lounge on 169 King East. We decided on this place because of the eccentric way they combined Eastern & Western influences in producing one dish.

For starters:

Soy Cured Ocean Trout with Watercress, Tempura Pieces, Lemon Caper Sauce, Wasabi Pea | Shitake Mushroom stuffed Naan with roast garlic blue cheese herb salad.

For the mains:

  Mushroom Orecchiette with Malivoire Pinot Noir Pear Chutney, Aged Cheddar | Spiced Miso Flatiron Steak with Honey Glazed Rutabaga, Crisp Okra, Squash Mustarda

For dessert:

Espresso Brule with White Chocolate cream, Chocolate Malt Crumble butterscotch |
Chocolate Torte with Pear Ice-cream, Cocoa Nougat

The chocolate torte was abit too thick for my taste, I'm not particularly used to putting a chunk of chocolate in my mouth and waiting it for it to melt (I think Joyce agreed with me on this one). 
The pear ice cream tasted like a mix of cinnamon/detergent for obvious reasons, I didn't like it at all - the presentation is basically around the same as the taste. Mediocre.

Apart from the torte, everything was delicious. It wasn't too expensive and it wasn't cheap either but I guess this is 'fine dining' where everything is served in amuse bouche portions and they expect you to drink until you don't feel the hunger. I'm kidding - I thought the portion sizes were just right for us and I would definitely go there again for Summerlicious or Winterlicious, just to give them a second chance to redeem itself for the chocolate torte.